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Snowdonia gives a lot to us... we need to give a little back. Snowdonia giving is a way of us all easily donating a small amount of money to help save Snowdonia.

Here's a couple of short films we have made to tell you all about Snowdonia Giving....

Snowdonia Needs Your Help

Snowdonia is under threat due to it's own popularity – the rapidly increasing number of people enjoying the Park...over 6 Million people every year!

Currently, each year there are approx. 475,000 walkers on Snowdon itself, with the total number of visitors welcomed to the mountain reaching a dizzying 600,000...almost twice the population of Iceland going up one mountain! This has more than doubled since 2007 and totals more than the visitors to Ben Nevis, Scafell Pike, Mont Blanc and Everest combined! At the moment, these numbers are increasing by about 10% on average every year...that's an extra 50-60,000 additional people each year...equivalent to the population of a town the size of Kidderminster, Macclesfield, Wrexham or Royal Tunbridge Wells deciding to enjoy the views...extra..each year...every year...!!

The threat to the unique aspects of Snowdonia are significant, specific and numerous, but imagine the prospect of this place we all enjoy with its unique environment, wildlife and community degraded or destroyed in anyway.

It is important to understand that the negative impacts resulting from the significant increases in user numbers are not being covered by funding from Government or taxation, and so this means that real threats exist in both the short and long term.

You've helped to identify 3 key projects to support in Snowdonia in order to give something back. These projects are going to help preserve the Snowdonia we all love.

Find out why path builders on Snowdon need to use helicopters!

Snowdonia Giving Projects

Your Priorities:

Through visitor surveys and consultation with residents, local businesses and having worked with the National Park Authority, The Snowdon Society and other expert groups, we have determined which existing projects people recognise as priorities. There is consensus that it makes sense to combine resources and focus efforts to ensure that significant results and impacts are achieved to help protect Snowdonia against these threats.

As such, the initial 3 priority projects identified for Snowdonia Giving to assist with are as follows:

Supporting Businesses

All of these local businesses are helping in various ways to collect on behalf of Snowdonia Giving...

Or learn how your business can get involved.

You Can Donate Here!

Donating a small amount of money is really easy and it feels great to know that you are helping to save and protect somewhere so important.

Snowdonia Giving – Rhodd Eryri

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Donation Total: £10

Who's Involved

Snowdonia Giving is administered by Menter Môn on behalf of the Snowdonia Partnership and participating businesses. Menter Môn is a social enterprise that operates on a not for profit basis across North Wales.  It does not charge for the administration and 100% of all money raised goes towards the project.  For more information on other projects delivered by Menter Môn visit

The Snowdon Partnership is a group set up to create and then implement a new management plan for Snowdon. The group comprises individuals who represent the organisations and landowners that are responsible for on-the-ground management of the mountain - ranging from conservation work and path management to tourism, farming and mountain rescue. The membership includes the following: