Snowdonia is a National and International Treasure!

inner-walkingSnowdonia National Park was established in 1951 and is the largest of the three National Parks in Wales, covering a land area of 2176 km2 / 840 square miles of mountainous landscapes and includes 60km / 37 miles of beautiful varied coastline. Currently attracting over 6 MILLION visitors annually, the area is home to the highest mountain in England and Wales, (Snowdon at 1085m / 3560feet), and is World renowned for its stunning wildlife, geology, rocky valleys and waterfalls.

Thousands of years of human life is evident through Stone Age burial chambers,  Roman remains, majestic medieval Welsh and Norman castles and impressive industrial works. The Park has a population of about 25,000, more than half of whom speak Welsh, one of the oldest living and flourishing languages and cultures in Europe. Snowdonia represents the heart and natural refuge of a unique Welsh landscape, history, culture and language.

Snowdonia – Gives a Lot to Us

Why is Snowdonia so popular? People of all backgrounds and ages from all around the World visit Snowdonia to explore this dramatic and beautiful area. The Park is free and accessible to all people and families; many have cherished childhood memories of visits to the area, that are then re-lived and repeated with the next generation of children…and grandchildren…loved widely by anyone looking to ‘escape back to nature and reconnect’.

Snowdonia is a great place to come walking and there are networks of paths for people of all abilities. Whether you want the challenge of ascending Snowdon, the highest mountain in England and Wales, or prefer one of the more leisurely walks along the coastline, you’re guaranteed breathtaking scenery and diverse landscapes.

inner-bikingTerrain varies in Snowdonia from rugged mountain peaks, to long sandy beaches, to crystal clear lakes and rivers. The National Park continues to develop a network of footpaths geared towards walkers of all abilities.

Snowdonia has also increasingly become one of the most popular destinations for outdoor activities in the UK.

Snowdonia is renowned for its walking, climbing and cycling and has some of the best mass participant events and mountain biking facilities in the World! Water sports and fishing are extremely popular with plenty of lakes, rivers and coastline to enjoy. There are extensive bridleway networks within the National Park for exploring on horse back, and there are also world-class golf courses…to name but a few of the many possible activities.

Snowdonia – We need to Give a little Back

People who love the area, including visitors, residents, businesses and scientists have realised for a long time that they need to do something to ensure that Snowdonia retains its beauty, natural diversity and unique appeal.

It was the third National Park to be designated in Britain, and the first in Wales. Today, Snowdonia is one of 15 National Parks in Britain. Snowdonia National Park is an independent authority, who’s main purposes remain to:inner-cleanup

  • Conserve and enhance the natural beauty, wildlife and cultural heritage of the area.
  • Promote opportunities for the understanding and enjoyment of the special qualities of the Park by the public.
  • A duty to seek to foster the economic and social well being of local communities within the Park.

However, the continually growing popularity… (more than double the number of people on Mount Snowdon since 2007!) and the inevitable pressures that increased numbers of people bring, mean that the area is more than ever in danger of becoming a ‘victim of it’s very own success’.

It is important to understand that the negative impacts resulting from the significant increases in user numbers are not being covered by funding from Government or taxation, and so this means that real threats exist in both the short and long term.

The threats to the unique aspects and therefore value of Snowdonia are significant, specific and numerous, but it is unimaginable to think of the place with its environment, wildlife and community degraded or destroyed in anyway.