Snowdonia Giving Project 3: Young People & Traditional Skills

This project will work with young people to educate them about the countryside and traditional skills by providing practical opportunities and experiences with local experts.

The project will work with Snowdonia Society, which ran over 80 workdays between April 2015 and March 2016 – including footpath maintenance, tree planting, rhododendron clearance, and litter picks.  Over 20 of the workdays were held on or around Snowdon itself. The project ran 18 training opportunities for volunteers during the same period.

Snowdonia Society volunteers worked over 3000 hours between April 2015 and March 2016.



Support for this people orientated project is a direct response to some of the feedback received during the public consultation and fits really well with the path repair and building projects in helping to preserve and improve Snowdonia.

Some of the consultation comments and suggestions included:

“The importance of education, awareness code and fostering respect”.

“It is a question of ‘respect’ – encourage respect towards the place and way of life”.

“Incorporate an educational programme to get schools out, learning the area, history environment”.

“Conducting farm activities / education for young people should be considered.”

This type of great initiative has been proven to work and needs further support.

Snowdonia Giving needs your help to educate and keep traditional skills alive to save and protect the future of Snowdonia.

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